Zürich University Hospital starts using Stockholm3

Zürich University Hospital has started using Stockholm3 for prostate cancer testing. This is the first clinic in Switzerland that uses Stockholm3.

Stockholm3 will be used for men aged 45 to 75 and offered to men in Switzerland. The blood tests will be taken at the Zürich University Hospital and the test analysis will be performed by A3P at its lab facility in Uppsala, Sweden. Men that have an elevated risk for prostate cancer will be offered an MRI examination and state-of-the-art prostate biopsy for further medical clarification. The University Hospital Zürich provides a great bandwidth of interdisciplinary treatment options ranging from focal therapy to surgery and medical and radiotherapy.

“Early detection of prostate cancer is of utmost importance for therapy success and quality of life of the patient. Thus, prostate cancer screening has to be elevated to the next level of innovation and precision. We are therefore very happy that we can now offer Stockholm3 to our patients to improve treatment and well-being,” says Prof. Dr. Daniel Eberli, clinic director for the urology clinic of Zürich University Hospital.

“We see a growing interest for Stockholm3 from clinicians all over the world and are very happy that the test is now available for Swiss men for the first time,” says David Rosén, CEO of A3P Biomedical.