Strategy and goals

A3P Biomedical’s long-term goal is to establish Stockholm3 as the leading test for early detection of prostate cancer globally.

The company’s strategy is to gain support from Key Opinion Leaders and other players in the market through strong clinical data and scientific evidence. Sales growth is driven by expansion from reference customers, with both private customers and public care providers and payment systems. In addition to direct sales, the company sells via external lab chains and distributors. Operationally, the business is conducted with a focus on the three pillars below.

These pillars are built on the A3P Biomedical’s operating model which defines four priority areas:
  1. Compliance
    Confirm we are operating in accordance with relevant regulations and policies including but not limited to financial, tax, anticorruption and regulatory compliance.
  2. Team
    Recruit and retain the talent and competency we need to achieve the targets.
  3. Continuous improvement
    The ongoing effort to improve our products, services, and processes.
  4. Commercial excellence
    A data driven approach to lead our sales and marketing activities to focus on the right customers in the most relevant markets with the appropriate resources.