Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct is a compilation of the rules and guidelines that form the basis for our activities as well as relations with our customers, business partners, employees and other stakeholders. The company follows the laws and regulations and respects the cultures and traditions in every country in which the company is active. The company’s Code of Conduct applies equally to employees, the board of directors and consultants.

If an employee has a reasonable cause to suspect that the principles of the Code of Conduct are not being adhered to and, if it is not possible or if it proves inexpedient to report the situation to the employee’s closest manager, the matter should be reported in accordance with the company’s whistleblowing policy. Use the e-mail address and the web-form located at


As stated in the sustainability policy, the company adheres to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact as well as the 17 sustainable development goals identified therein (see sustainability policy). As the company operates within the healthcare sector, the key areas for all employees and workers to focus on are integrity, quality and innovation.



The company follows the laws and regulations and respects the cultures and traditions in every country in which the company is active.

Employees must treat others, both internally and externally, with dignity and respect.

Employees must not accept payments or other forms of remuneration from a third party that may affect or may be perceived to affect their objectivity when making commercial decisions.

Financial records must describe all transactions in a manner that is correct, not misleading and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Employees are to pursue their own personal or economic interests in a way that does not conflict with and cannot be perceived to conflict with the interests of the company.


Employees must adhere to internal processes, which are in accordance with applicable company certifications (such as ISO 13485).

The company encourages employees to speak up if they notice flaws or issues in operations, especially those which may affect quality delivered to customers.

Employees must interact with external parties in a professional manner when representing the company.


The company encourages sharing new ideas for improvement and development.

Employees must show openness and respect for the ideas of their colleagues.

The company strives to maintain an atmosphere which embraces innovation by promoting acceptance and respect in the working environment and culture.

The company facilitates innovation by paying close attention to the workload of employees, allowing room for creativity and discussion.


The company’s management is responsible to ensure that all employees are aware of the Code of Conduct. It is the responsibility of all employees to follow the Code of Conduct.