A3P Biomedical Privacy Policy

A3P Biomedical AB’s Privacy Policy

A3P Biomedical is fully committed to protecting your personal data and keeping it safe, to comply with all applicable data protection regulations at any time. Through this Privacy Policy, we want to inform you about how your personal data is processed by A3P Biomedical.

This Privacy Policy applies to A3P Biomedical’s operations. It describes what personal data we process, how we collect the data and who can access it. Here you can also read about what rights you have regarding your personal data and how you can enforce them.

Some pages on our website contain links to a third-party website. These websites have their own privacy policies and A3P Biomedical is not responsible for their operations or information. Users who send information to, or through these third-party websites should therefore review the respective website’s privacy policy before disclosure of personal data.

Who is the data controller?

A3P Biomedical AB (“A3P Biomedical”), 559252-9100, with address Kungsgatan 24, SE-111 35 Stockholm, is the data controller for the personal data we process.

What is personal data and what is processing of personal data?

Personal data is any information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a natural person who is alive, such as name, email address and IP address. All forms of action relating to personal data constitute personal data processing, such as collection, registration, storage, disclosure, transfer, rectification, and deletion.

What personal data do we collect?  

A3P Biomedical collects and processes the personal data provided to A3P Biomedical in connection with your business dealings with A3P Biomedical.

Personal data may also be collected if you choose to subscribe to press releases, newsletters, or other information, if you register for seminars and similar events, if you apply for a position or register your interest in connection with recruitment or other events through our website or through another channel.

In connection with the Annual General Meeting, we collect certain information about shareholders, candidates for the Board of Directors and any other participants to fulfil our obligations under, among other things, the Swedish Companies Act (Sw: Aktiebolagslagen).

Personal data may also be collected from other sources, such as from publicly available records. Examples of categories of data collected and processed by A3P Biomedical include names, professional contact details, and information about your position and the company or organisation you represent.

How do we process your personal data?

The personal data is processed to conduct A3P Biomedical’s operations, administer contracts and to maintain contacts with A3P Biomedical’s customers, suppliers, and business partners. Personal data may also be used to send out press releases, newsletters and invitations to seminars or similar events. A3P Biomedical has a strong interest in being able to maintain business contacts with other companies and organisations and A3P Biomedical only processes your professional personal data as a representative or contact person for such companies or organisations.

The legal basis for our processing of your personal data varies depending on your relationship with A3P Biomedical, but is usually legitimate interest, performance of contracts, or legal obligation.

Who can access your personal data?

A3P Biomedical may, for the above-mentioned purposes, transfer your personal data to the relevant authorities, to other companies within the A3P Biomedical Group, to companies which A3P Biomedical conduct business with or to companies that provide services to A3P Biomedical. If A3P Biomedical has a supplier or business partner in a country outside the EU/EEA, your personal data may be transferred to a country that does not have a corresponding level of protection for personal data. A3P Biomedical will take appropriate safeguards to protect your personal data in connection with such transfer. You may request additional information about such transfer and safeguards as used by A3P Biomedical at any time.

In connection with a general meeting, we may share your personal data with an external party in order to offer digital postal voting.

What is the retention period for your personal data?

A3P Biomedical saves personal data for the duration of the business relationship with the company or organisation you represent, if it is necessary to fulfil the purpose of the processing, and if there is an obligation to save the data by law, regulation, or government decision. You may unsubscribe from subscriptions such as press releases and newsletters at any time and your data will then be deleted.

What rights do you have?                                                                                          

You have the right to request information about what personal data A3P Biomedical processes and how these are used. To enforce your rights, please contact our Data Protection Officer, [dpo@a3p.com].

  • You can request information whether we process personal data related to you and if so, receive a copy of such data, called “register extract”, together with more detailed information.
  • You have the right to have incorrect personal data rectified and, if necessary, supplement information we have about you.
  • You have the right to object to certain processing of your personal data.
  • You have the right to request restriction of certain processing of your personal data, for example if we were to investigate whether any of your personal data needs to be rectified.
  • You have the right in some cases to have your personal data deleted. However, in many cases we must save your personal data due to legal obligations.
  • You have the right, under certain conditions, to obtain personal data, that you yourself provided to us, in a structured, widely used, and machine-readable format to transfer these to another data controller.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that, among other things, contains information about how you as a visitor interact with a website. You as a visitor can set up in your own browser if you want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer or not. You can also choose to delete cookies, that have been placed on your computer at any time. By continuing to visit our website and allowing your browser to be set to accept cookies, you agree to the use of cookies on our website. If you want to avoid cookies on your computer, you can do so by setting your browser to automatically deny cookies or informing that a website contains cookies.

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Contact information

Do you have questions or want to know more? Please contact us at personuppgifter@a3p.com.

You can also contact the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, for more information or to file a complaint, either by email  imy@imy.se, phone +46 8 657 61 00 or by letter to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, Box 8114, SE-104 20 Stockholm.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

A3P Biomedical reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. The date of the last change is 3 February, 2022.