A3P Biomedical is a Swedish diagnostics company that specialises in advanced prostate cancer diagnostics. A3P’s main product, Stockholm3, is a clinically and commercially validated blood test for early detection of aggressive prostate cancer.


Stockholm3 has been developed by researchers at Karolinska Institutet. Studies have shown that compared with the current standard PSA test (prostate-specific antigen), Stockholm3 yields more accurate and clearer test results for early detection of prostate cancer. Stockholm3 finds 100 percent more aggressive prostate cancers and reduce unnecessary biopsies by 50 percent compared to current practice. Stockholm3 has been tested on more than 75,000 men and provides a clear result and clear recommendations.

Healthcare providers in Sweden and Norway, who have replaced PSA with Stockholm3, show that direct care costs are reduced by 17 to 28 percent.


A3P Biomedical AB (publ) was established in 2020, but its operations began back in 2018 when we started conducting analyses of Stockholm3. The development of a multiparametric test began in 2011 at Karolinska Institutet. Read more about A3P Biomedical’s history here.


The company has a wholly owned subsidiary laboratory for analyzing Stockholm3. The laboratory works in accordance with the Patient Safety Act 2010: 659 and is registered as a care provider with the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate (IVO).

Clinical data is handled in accordance with GDPR.