Stockholm3 evaluated for Swedish screening program

In 2022, Region Stockholm and Region Gotland (the Region) began a joint three-year project by offering organised prostate cancer testing (OPT) to all 50-year-old men living in the Region. In 2024, an evaluation of the Stockholm3 test will be made in a research project at Karolinska Institutet in collaboration with OPT.

On February 12, the first invitations were sent out to men in the Region. A total of 27,000 men born in 1974 and 1972 will be and offered Stockholm3 testing at elevated PSA values. The purpose of OPT is to make prostate cancer testing more effective and accurate, and to reach more men who do not test themselves on their own initiative. The evaluation of Stockholm3 aims to detect aggressive prostate cancer at an early stage, reduce overdiagnosis, and improve resource use in healthcare.

Since 2022, Region Värmland has used Stockholm3 in its OPT program, which is offered to all men aged 50 to 70 living in that region.

“Offering men Stockholm3 testing will provide an opportunity for earlier and more accurate diagnosis when the cancer is still curable, enable shorter lead times to treatment, and more efficient resource use in healthcare. Including Stockholm3 in the Region’s OPT program would be true a win-win for both citizens and healthcare,” says David Rosén, CEO of A3P Biomedical.