New Finnish study validates Stockholm3 and shows health economic benefits

At the NUF – Nordisk Urologisk Förening – congress in Helsinki tomorrow a new study that validates the use of Stockholm3 in Finland will be presented. The results of the study show that by using Stockholm3 instead of PSA, the number of men undergoing MRI and/or biopsies could be reduced. The study also shows that the medical benefits of replacing PSA with Stockholm3 can be achieved at the same – or potentially reduced cost in Finland.

“Several studies in multiple countries have shown that Stockholm3 reduces unnecessary MRI and biopsy examinations without compromising the detection of clinically significant prostate cancer. The aim of this study was to compare the distribution of test results in a Finnish clinical cohort”, says Henrikki Santti, Head Physician, Urology at Mehiläinen.

This multi-center, observational study included 1,310 men who were scheduled for a PSA test at Mehiläinen’s healthcare facilities in Finland, and who were asked to donate blood and answer clinical questions. The blood from 473 men with PSA ≥ 1.5 ng/mL was analyzed with Stockholm3, and the outcome was compared between using PSA and Stockholm3.

The results of the study indicate that by using Stockholm3 instead of PSA, the number of men undergoing MRI or biopsies could be reduced and that the medical benefits by replacing PSA with Stockholm3 can be achieved at the same – or potentially at a reduced cost in Finland.

“The results of the study were comparable with data from studies including more that 75,000 men in Norway and Sweden. This means that Stockholm3 might improve Finnish clinician's ability to identify patients at risk of having clinically significant prostate cancer”, says Henrikki Santti.

“Mehiläinen’s mission is to provide outstanding healthcare. We are offering Stockholm3 to our patients to fulfill that mission in prostate cancer diagnostics”, says Kristina Hotakainen, Director of Laboratory Services at Mehiläinen.

Abstract presented at the annual NUF congress in Helsinki:
Research confirms – Prostate cancer diagnosis improves with new blood test – avoiding unnecessary tests reduces burden on patient and healthcare.

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