Groves Medical Group starts offering Stockholm3 in the UK

Groves Medical Group has started offering Stockholm3 for prostate cancer testing. This is the first UK clinic that uses Stockholm3.

Stockholm3 will be offered to men aged 45 to 74 in the South-West London area. The blood samples will be taken at the Groves Medical Centre in New Malden, London and the test analysis will be performed by A3P at its lab facility in Uppsala, Sweden. Men found to have an elevated risk for prostate cancer may be offered an MRI examination at New Malden Diagnostic Centre and referred to a urologist for further treatment if required. Groves Medical Group works closely with Sterling Health Group that offers a wide range of secondary care treatment options.

“Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, and about one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Early detection is of utmost importance for therapy success, but the commonly used PSA test has its shortcomings in terms of precision as it sounds off a false alarm too often, and still misses a lot of aggressive cases in need of treatment. Stockholm3 is a new more accurate test based on solid data from studies involving some 75,000 men. It has been shown to reduce overtreatment such as unnecessary biopsies by around 50 percent, and even more importantly, it finds twice as many cases of aggressive cancer compared to PSA. We are therefore very happy that we can now offer Stockholm3 to our patients to improve treatment and in the long run save lives,” says Dr. Jeremy Harris, GP & Partner of Groves Medical Group.

“We see a growing interest for Stockholm3 all over Europe. The test is now available to British men for the first time and I believe that it can play an important role in the UK for improving early detection and at the same time save costs through reducing overtreatment,” says David Rosén, CEO of A3P Biomedical.