A3P Biomedical initiates partnership with Unilabs for Stockholm3

A3P Biomedical and Unilabs have initiated a partnership for Stockholm3, A3P Biomedical's blood test for early detection of aggressive prostate cancer. Screening by Stockholm3 is requested by healthcare providers throughout Sweden. The fact that Unilabs now includes Stockholm3 in its catalogue of products will make it possible for more patients to take the test, and at the same time improve logistics for the healthcare providers.

“Stockholm3 has the potential to radically improve prostate cancer diagnostics and we would like to provide this opportunity to both patients and caregivers. The test is integrated into the patient's regular medical record and sampling can either be done at our or the care provider's own lab and follow the regular route. This means that we can offer a very attractive and flexible solution”, says Thomas Lindahl, Medical Director of Unilabs Sweden.

“We are very pleased with the Unilabs partnership. It will give men and care providers access to Stockholm3, not just in the Stockholm and Värmland regions, which is the case today. This will contribute to a faster rollout of Stockholm3 and more efficient cancer diagnostics throughout the country”, says David Rosén, CEO of A3P Biomedical.

The agreement means that care providers can order Stockholm3 through Unilab's regular catalogue in the lab portal “Labportalen” (InfoSolutions). The patient is offered sampling at one of Unilabs’ laboratories in Sweden, or at the care provider’s facilities. The sample follows the same distribution route as the other tests Unilabs offers. The Stockholm3 analysis is performed by A3P Biomedical, and the result is delivered electronically via Unilabs to the care provider.

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in Sweden with approximately 2,400 deaths each year.

Stockholm3 is a blood test that radically improves early detection of aggressive prostate cancer and reduces the number of unnecessary prostate biopsies, compared to PSA which is the traditional blood test for detecting prostate cancer. Stockholm3 has very strong clinical evidence based on studies including more than 75,000 men and has been in clinical use in Sweden and Norway since 2017.