Stockholm 3 commercially available in the USA

A3P Biomedical AB, a leading Swedish diagnostics company specializing in advanced prostate cancer diagnostics, and BioAgilytix, a global bioanalytical services provider, are excited to announce that Stockholm3 for early detection of prostate cancer is now commercially available as a Lab Developed Test (LDT) throughout the United States.

Prostate cancer is the most prevalent cancer among American men, with an estimated 288,300 diagnoses and 34,700 deaths in 2023. Addressing this critical health issue, A3P Biomedical and BioAgilytix joined forces in 2023 to redefine the standard of care for early detection of prostate cancer in the USA. Stockholm3, a novel blood-based LDT that significantly advances diagnostics and early detection, is now available throughout the USA providing new possibilities for individuals at potential risk of prostate cancer.

"The partnership with BioAgilytix has been instrumental in our mission to redefine the standard of care for early detection of prostate cancer in the USA. Stockholm3 has both higher sensitivity and higher specificity than the current standard PSA test. This means that aggressive prostate cancer can be detected earlier, when it is still treatable, while also reducing unnecessary procedures such as MRIs and biopsies. We believe there is a significant need and market potential for this unique test in the USA,” says Martin Steinberg, Executive Chairman of A3P Biomedical.

"The past year has demonstrated the power of partnership and innovation. A3P Biomedical's expertise in precision diagnostics, combined with BioAgilytix's capabilities in bioanalytical services, has enabled us to make significant advancements in prostate cancer diagnosis. We remain dedicated to introducing breakthrough innovations that address unmet medical needs and save lives," says Linda Robbie, Ph.D., COO of BioAgilytix.

As the partnership approaches its first anniversary, A3P Biomedical and BioAgilytix look forward to expanding the reach of Stockholm3, ensuring that more men across the USA have access to this life-changing diagnostic tool.

Stockholm3 is now available in BioAgilytix's catalogue and can be ordered throughout the entire USA. For more information on ordering the test please contact client services:

Phone: (919) 566 1501

For media and press related enquiries, please contact:
Cecilia Edström, acting CFO at A3P Biomedical
Phone: +46 72 2262328

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